Smart Health workshop

On Wednesday 10 May, four parallel workshops took place on four emerging challenges for industry, including Smart Health.

Each workshop was set up as a panel with key players in the domain; large industry, academia, SMEs and customers, discussing main innovation trends in the specific challenge. An important element of the workshops was the interaction with the audience, with ample room for Q&A.

As interaction with the audience was key, participants were asked upfront to share their opinion. Check out their comments or share your opinion below.

You can find the presentation of the Smart Health workshop and other presentations given at the Digital Innovation Forum 2017 here


The panellists and moderators


Smart Health - workshop focus

The target of the workshop was to discuss trends and innovations which can impact the market, including:

  • Personalisation of healthcare
    IOT allows service adaptation to the users, through monitoring and Big data. The constraint is to reduce the pressure on medical staff.
  • Industrialisation of healthcare
    Value-based healthcare changes the point of view. It requires workflow management and Big data. Again the constraint is to reduce the pressure on medical staff.
  • Digitalisation of healthcare
    It is an opportunity to deploy a platform, and services to be created around it. This will create new business models.
  • Autonomy support
    Targeting elderly and chronic diseases.
  • Population Health
    This global dimension of health will generate big impact to optimise the personal health and reduce the cost.
  • Design and engineering
    New modalities have still many opportunities to increase the quality of signal, increase of functionality, Increase of quality. The potential of frugal design needs to be checked.