Innovation market & sessions

The DIF 2017 explicitly focused on supporting innovative SMEs and Start-ups, to access key industry representatives and Venture Capitalists by organising the innovation sessions and market addressing four emerging challenges: Smart Energy, Smart Health, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Mobility.

What were the benefits for SMEs and Start-ups?

  • Pitch their idea to a high-ranking jury composed of industry top executives, Venture Capitalists and entrepreneurs
  • Showcase their innovation to the global software innovation community in a 2-day innovation market
  • Network with industry top executives and potential business partners, customers and investors from around the globe



You can find an overview of all innovation sessions (and all other presentations) here



Digital Innovation Forum 2017 Innovation market

Innovation market - 10 & 11 May

On 10 and 11 May, a dedicated SME & start-up innovation market took place, enabling SMEs and Start-ups to exhibit their innovative idea and product to the DIF 2017 attendees. They could explain their idea to VCs, CEOs of large industry and potential customers, or even look for partners to develop the idea further.



Digital Innovation Forum 2017 Innovation session

Innovation session - 11 May

On Thursday 11 May (11:30), four parallel innovation sessions took place that were open to an audience. Each session consisted of:

  • six SME pitches in front of a jury
  • Q&A sessions per SME with the jury
  • general Q&A session with the audience

The jury delivered a session report including unique quotes for each partaking SME / Start-up, which they can disseminate to their network and customers. Finally, two of the six SMEs / start-ups per theme were selected to give their pitch during the plenary closing session in the afternoon of 11 May.



The jury

Icon workshop energy Smart Energy


This session was moderated by Eloy Ortega Gonzalez of INDRA and Francesco Gennaro of STMicroelectronics