Iconic SMEs

During the Digital Innovation Forum 2017, several SMEs pitched in front of a jury. In each category, the jury selected two iconic SMEs and provided a quote for each selected SME.

Find more information on the Iconic SMEs below.


Icon workshop energySmart Energy

Logo Evolution Energie

Logo Synelixis

Evolution Energie offers energy management software that allows clients to manage and optimise their energy use in an effective way. By bringing together market insights and advanced energy efficiency tools, it provides active monitoring of available supply options and opportunities for risk management and savings.

Synelixis’ COSSIM project will design and implement a novel, comprehensible, ultra-fast, security-aware CPS simulator. This open-source framework is faster, more accurate and reports more CPS aspects than existing solutions, by applying hardware acceleration through the use of field programmable gate arrays.

Jury quote:

“We love the concept of blockchain as the underlying technology to support distributed energy markets. Very nice presentation and clear idea on how this will add value to the future energy sector.”

Jury quote:

“Synelix provides a game-changing solution for the simulation of complex and secure distributed systems.”

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Visit the website www.evolutionenergie.com Visit the website www.synelixis.com

Icon workshop smart health Smart Health

Logo FEops

Logo Santech

FEops’ cloud-based simulation platform is designed to assist clinicians in preoperatively assessing the interaction between a device and a patient's unique anatomy, with the ultimate goal of predicting and preventing complications of transcatheter-based structural heart interventions.

Santech offers a proven framework for rapidly and cost-effectively deploying secure digital solutions that specialise in healthcare and medico-social issues. Its Aidé & Moi solution reinvents collaboration around the elderly by offering innovative and efficient digital features to enhance coordination and communication with professional helpers and family.

Jury quote:

“Convincing technology to put patient modelling in practice, will create revenue streams in different applications and increase patient outcome.”

Jury quote:

“Social collaboration and connecting the care community is key for the quality of life, but a challenging mission to realise. The proof is in the elderly eating the pudding.”

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Visit the website www.feops.com Visit the website www.santech.fr

Icon workshop manufacturingSmart Manufacturing

Logo Batchforce

Logo Jotne

Batchforce is creating Europe’s leading cloud manufacturing service by offering virtualised manufacturing capacity from existing vetted SME contract manufacturers of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining and 3D printing.

Jotne designs and delivers software built on open standards that enables easy collaboration between companies and future proof archiving of engineering data throughout a product’s (or building’s) lifecycle.

Jury quote:

“Works like a market place for manufacturing services. They ambition to be the booking.com of manufacturing services.”

Jury quote:

“A proven business model on integrated applications for engineering data that fits well into Industrie4.0”

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Visit the website www.batchforce.com Visit the website www.jotne.com

Icon workshop smart mobility Smart Mobility

Logo Kalray

DIF - Iconic SMEs - i2D

Kalray’s MPPA® processors offer supercomputing on a chip. This game-changing generation of programmable manycore processors brings high computing, low power consumption and real-time processing.

i2D is an integrated car telematics system, including hardware, software, communications processes and services, accessible via the web, tablet or smartphone. Its unique and powerful algorithms combine vehicle information and driving behavior to provide an accurate driving evaluation and define areas for improvement.

Jury quote:

“Kalray developed a strong but flexible hardware technology to bring the connected car dream to reality.”

Jury quote:

“The Livedrive approach to have the driver at the centre of their platform usage is very unique and clear.”

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Visit the website www.kalrayinc.com Visit the website www.i2d.co